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Space Junk Clean-up at the Royal Society

We created this animation for Surrey Space Centre, who are one of 22 projects at the Royal Society’s Summer Exhibition, which features exhibits, talks and activites for all ages. It puts into context the issue of space junk, and shows how Surrey Space Centre, in collaboration with others in the space sector, are building missions

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Animation, Engineering

XeBRA Satcom product video

We’ve produced another satcom video for Airbus, this one is a product video for a smaller, man-portable satcom terminal, featuring a mock scenario to show how it could be used in action. With lots of lovely motion graphics to link it all together. 

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Animation, Biology, Engineering

Microsoft’s DNA Strand Displacement tool (DSD)

We created this animation to explain some of the background and concept behind Microsoft Research‘s DNA Strand Displacement tool (DSD), It was created for Microsoft Research to use at Techfest, to explain the mechanics of DNA strand displacement, and show how their tool enables the design and simulation of programmable DNA circuits for biological computation.

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Engineering, Illustration, Space

Illustrations of NPL’s TRUTHS satellite

We created two high resolution illustrations for the National Physical Laboratory to publicise their TRUTHS satellite. TRUTHS will contain very precise, calibrated instruments, which will give a baseline for calibrating other earth observation satellites.  By comparing measurements, the accuracy of satellites such as ESA’s sentinel series will be greatly improved, leading to much better data

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Biology, Chemistry, Engineering

Illustrations for Microsoft Research

We created two high resolution illustrations to explain some of the concepts behind two of Microsoft Research‘s analytical tools. This illustration on DNA Strand Displacement (DSD) accompanies four short animations showing how DSD can be used to perform logic operations, which in turn can form part of a biological equivalent to an electronic circuit, and eventually

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