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Microsoft’s Bio Model Analyzer (BMA)

We created this animation to explain some of the background and concept behind Microsoft Research‘s Bio Model Analyzer project, which is a piece of software for simulating the behaviour of protein networks within cellular systems.  It is to be used to compare hypothesised models of protein networks with reality, and even to predict the effects

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Animation, Engineering, In the press, Space

Europa Penetrator animation

We’ve just finished this HD animation showing Astrium‘s design for a Europa Penetrator mission. The penetrator will be released from an altitude of around 200km, and after a de-orbit burn to cancel the orbital velocity, it goes into freefall, spins up for stability, and impacts into Europa at around 300mph. Once under the surface, the

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Animation, Engineering, Illustration, Space

New space showreel

We’ve just updated our space demo reel on the main page to include our most recent work from the year or so.  Watch it in full HD! Our 2013 Space showreel:  You can still see our other showreels here: Engineering showreel 2012 Science showreel 2012

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Animation, Engineering, Space

STRaND-1 nano-satellite

Our latest animation for Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, showing their STRaND-1 “nano-satellite” (34x10x10 cm).  It is powered by a HTC Nexus One smartphone, and this type of satellite is a low-cost technology test-bed for trialling new space hardware. It’s small enough to piggy-back on other satellites for launch.  Read more about STRaND-1

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