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Quantum Computing Illustrations

Illustrating quantum computing is always a challenge.  Information theory, optic benches and quantum weirdness don’t lend themselves easily to beautiful illustrations.  But that was the task given to us by the “Institut für Quantenoptik und Quanteninformation” at the University of Vienna, for their paper which has been accepted into Science. Their paper describes a method

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On the Cover of Science Magazine

This week, Science magazine have a special edition on Synthetic Biology, in which they: “explore the breadth of this field and how the construction of new biological systems might be harnessed to serve humanity”. And they feature our illustration on the cover!  This is where art, science and Lego combine….  Synthetic biology is a field

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NSF/Science Sci-Vis contest

This month, Science magazine publishes its annual feature on science and engineering visualisation, which is a fiercely competitive and prestigious arena for the world’s science communicators. Scientists, illustrators, computer game companies, TV companies and new media producers compete to showcase their work and raise the bar for communication of science and engineering concepts for the

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Interview with Science

Read our interview with Jennifer Carpenter from Science Careers, who probes our choice to venture into becoming science visualisers, as part of the “alternative careers” section of their site. I think I managed not to libel anyone, and plus the most prestigious academic science journal now links to The Polos of Death. Very surreal.

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Fractal science

Ok, not so much of the science in this post – but still very pretty.  Apophysis is a fractal flame generator, which essentially takes the usual Julia, Mandlebrot, etc. fractals, and puts them through a series of geometric transforms to create some interesting patters (for those of you obsessed with 3D: YES YOU CAN RENDER

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Lego building blocks (a.k.a. DNA)

OK, well here’s something I’m sure you’ve all wanted to do – build cool sciencey stuff out of Lego….. I’m sure this isn’t the way real Lego builders do it, but should be possible to get some really cool (and really precise effects). Imagine taking any 3D model, sculpture, CAD model, and recreating a scale

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