Chemistry, Engineering, Illustration, Physics

Gold Nanoparticles

We created two illustrations for Design Modus to accompany one of their client’s research. It shows the production of gold nanoparticles using a high power green laser and gold particles in a stream of water; and a second close-up of a gold nanoparticle cluster.

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Animation, Chemistry, Physics

SPL’s clip of the week (Uranium decay chain)

Our visualisation of the complex decay chain of a uranium atom has just been chosen as Science Photo Library‘s clip of the week. U-238 is a radioactive element with 92 protons (red), indicated to the lower left of its chemical symbol, and 146 neutrons (yellow), giving it a total atomic mass of 238 (upper left

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Animation, Physics, Space

SPL’s Space Showreel

Six of our clips made it into SPL’s space showreel, including our work on space debris, and some shots of Jupiter/Saturn and their moons! SPL’s space showreel Our stock images at SPL Our stock animations at SPL – part 1 Our stock animations at SPL – part 2

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