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Space Junk Clean-up at the Royal Society

We created this animation for Surrey Space Centre, who are one of 22 projects at the Royal Society’s Summer Exhibition, which features exhibits, talks and activites for all ages. It puts into context the issue of space junk, and shows how Surrey Space Centre, in collaboration with others in the space sector, are building missions

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New Space showreel

We’ve just updated our space demo reel on the main page to include our most recent work from the year or so.  Watch it in full HD! Our 2016 Space showreel:  You can still see our other showreels here: Engineering showreel 2012 Science showreel 2012

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Illustrations of NPL’s TRUTHS satellite

We created two high resolution illustrations for the National Physical Laboratory to publicise their TRUTHS satellite. TRUTHS will contain very precise, calibrated instruments, which will give a baseline for calibrating other earth observation satellites.  By comparing measurements, the accuracy of satellites such as ESA’s sentinel series will be greatly improved, leading to much better data

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