STRaND-1 nano-satellite

Animation, Engineering, Space

Our latest animation for Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, showing their STRaND-1 “nano-satellite” (34x10x10 cm).  It is powered by a HTC Nexus One smartphone, and this type of satellite is a low-cost technology test-bed for trialling new space hardware. It’s small enough to piggy-back on other satellites for launch.

Read more about STRaND-1

UKube-1 cubesat payload animation

Animation, Engineering, Space

UKube-1 is a UK designed and built cubesat (30x10x10 cm), funded by UKSA and built by Clyde Space.  The on-board payloads are a variety of technology testbeds from collaborators in industry and academia to demonstrate their feasibility in space in a cost-efficient manner.  It’s small enough to piggy-back on other satellites for launch.
The animation highlights the modular nature of the cubesat platform, and shows the variety of science and technology that can be achieved in such a small package.

Music: “Taikonaut” by futuresoup

Satcom product video

Animation, Engineering, Space

Our latest video for Satcom Systems and Solutions to promotes their range of satcom terminals.  We crafted an operational scenario to highlight how they can help to link everyone together for better communication and awareness.  Currently on display at the Global MilSatCom exhibition in London.

Sentinel 1 and 2 animations

Animation, Engineering, Space

We’ve just reworked these animations in full HD for Astrium, featuring clips of Sentinels 1 and 2, which are a series of Earth observation satellites due for launch between 2013 and 2015.

Saturn animations

Animation, Space

We’ve just finished a series of animations showing Saturn, its glorious rings, and two of its moons (Titan and Enceladus), utilising high quality textures and a cinematic quality to the camera moves and final polish.
The full, unedited versions of these clips are available for license from Science Photo Library.

Music is (of course) Saturn by Holst, courtesy of Freeplaymusic.

Airborne Satcoms product video

Animation, Engineering, Space

We’ve produced another satcom video, this one is a product video for an airborne terminal and satcom system, featuring a mock scenario to show how it could be used in action. With lots of lovely motion graphics to link it all together.