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Shortlisted in the "Vizzies"

Other than it having an awful name, we’re super excited to have an illustration shortlisted in the Vizzies, which is run by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Popular Science magazine (which I buy to look at the pretty pictures).
Do please cast your vote, and if you happen to like ours best (hint hint), that would be really cool as we’ll get printed in Popular Science.

More about the illustration:
An illustration created for the O’Reilly Research Group at the Unviersity of Nottingham, to illustrate the concept of using Darwinian selection to find better proteins, by making many small tweaks to their structure and selecting ones that are most effective at each stage. ┬áThe image mimics the famous monkey-to-man depiction of evolution, but using secondary protein structures that evolve and form functional structures.

More about their research

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