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Animation, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering

Royal Society Summer Exhibition

We recently had two animations aired at the Royal Society’s Summer Exhibition. The Royal Society is the national academy of science of the UK, and this event allowed the general public to meet the minds behind some of the UK’s most exciting scientific advances.  We produced two videos for the University of Cambridge‘s Department of

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Animation, Biology

Teachers TV – Genes and Disease

We’ve just completed a project for Teachers TV on Genetics and Disease, featuring several of our animation sequences, related to genetics and disease, showing mutations, chromosome defects and genetic surveys. Watch the full 15-minute video on YouTube: Teachers TV – Genetics and Medicine: Genes and Disease ….or just skip to the pretty graphics (below) 

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Illustration, Just for fun

Fractal science

Ok, not so much of the science in this post – but still very pretty.  Apophysis is a fractal flame generator, which essentially takes the usual Julia, Mandlebrot, etc. fractals, and puts them through a series of geometric transforms to create some interesting patters (for those of you obsessed with 3D: YES YOU CAN RENDER

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Biology, Illustration, Just for fun

Lego building blocks (a.k.a. DNA)

OK, well here’s something I’m sure you’ve all wanted to do – build cool sciencey stuff out of Lego….. I’m sure this isn’t the way real Lego builders do it, but should be possible to get some really cool (and really precise effects). Imagine taking any 3D model, sculpture, CAD model, and recreating a scale

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Animation, Engineering, Physics

IMechE animation – How Nuclear Works

We’ve just completed a rush project for the IMechE to illustrate how a second generation nuclear reactor works.  It’s a pressurised water reactor (PWR). Not bad, considering the brief was “Show how a second generation nuclear reactor works, aimed at a Guardian reader”.  Read the IMechE’s guide to Nuclear Power here.

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Animation, Engineering, Space

Equinox Graphics at the Space IGS launch

We produced a series of short animations illustrating the applicability of space and satellite technology to everyday life, showing the abundance of space-related industry and academia in the UK, and a method of control for trains to improve their service – by using variable stantions (i.e. the space between the trains is controlled, but can

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Animation, Bloodhound SSC, Engineering

New Bloodhound SSC viral!

The Bloodhound SSC team came back to us for a bigger, more ambitious project to mark one-year in the public consciousness – a race between Bloodhound SSC and the donor of its jet engine, a Eurofighter Typhoon! Turnaround on this project was approximately 2 months from the drawing board to final delivery, with extensive consultation with

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