Author: Equinox

Animation, Illustration, Space

New Space showreel

We’ve just updated our space demo reel on the main page to include our most recent work from the year or so.  Watch it in full HD! Our 2016 Space showreel:  You can still see our other showreels here: Engineering showreel 2012 Science showreel 2012

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Animation, Engineering

XeBRA Satcom product video

We’ve produced another satcom video for Airbus, this one is a product video for a smaller, man-portable satcom terminal, featuring a mock scenario to show how it could be used in action. With lots of lovely motion graphics to link it all together. 

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Animation, Chemistry, Physics

SPL’s clip of the week (Uranium decay chain)

Our visualisation of the complex decay chain of a uranium atom has just been chosen as Science Photo Library‘s clip of the week. U-238 is a radioactive element with 92 protons (red), indicated to the lower left of its chemical symbol, and 146 neutrons (yellow), giving it a total atomic mass of 238 (upper left

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Animation, Physics

Physics educational animation clips – batch #2 – for Science Photo Library

We were recently hired to produce a series of animation clips for Science Photo Library, as part of their educational animation licensing arm ( Here are our favourite five stock clips! Clip 1 ) Rutherford scattering (gold foil experiment). Animation depicting the actual outcome of Rutherford’s 1909 experiment to probe the structure of an atom.

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