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NSF/Science Sci-Vis contest

This month, Science magazine publishes its annual feature on science and engineering visualisation, which is a fiercely competitive and prestigious arena for the world’s science communicators. Scientists, illustrators, computer game companies, TV companies and new media producers compete to showcase their work and raise the bar for communication of science and engineering concepts for the

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Animation, Illustration, In the press

Interview with Science

Read our interview with Jennifer Carpenter from Science Careers, who probes our choice to venture into becoming science visualisers, as part of the “alternative careers” section of their site. I think I managed not to libel anyone, and plus the most prestigious academic science journal now links to The Polos of Death. Very surreal.

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Animation, Chemistry

2010 Nobel prize (Chemistry)

Sadly we didn’t win a Nobel Prize this year (fingers crossed for next year), but Heck, Negishi and Suzuki did, for “palladium-catalysed cross-couplings in organic synthesis”.  And we got to make animations showing off the Heck and Suzuki reactions for TV.  Which was some consolation to our bruised egos. Heck Reaction: Suzuki Reaction:  Both reactions use a palladium

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Animation, Biology, Engineering

Creating Life – the new field of Synthetic Biology

We were commissioned to produce a series of animations to help explore the abstract world of synthetic biology, allowing the concepts of designing and programming bacteria to perform a particular task, in this case creating a colour change when exposed to a parasite – brilliant for testing water sources in remote locations, with a clear

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Animation, Engineering, Space

ESA’s Solar Orbiter, Reloaded

An update of the Solar Orbiter mission animation, to reflect the new configuration as it competes with other high profile ESA missions for the final commissioning decision.  Go go gadget orbiter!!! Supplied with an updated CAD file and a list of changes to materials and instrument configurations, we were able to re-make the animation in

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Animation, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering

Royal Society Summer Exhibition

We recently had two animations aired at the Royal Society’s Summer Exhibition. The Royal Society is the national academy of science of the UK, and this event allowed the general public to meet the minds behind some of the UK’s most exciting scientific advances.  We produced two videos for the University of Cambridge‘s Department of

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