Biology, Chemistry, Illustration

T-Cell Illustration for Pint of Science

We created a piece of art for Pint of Science which is an international organisation which brings together detailed science talks on a wide range of cutting-edge research, in an informal pub setting, with plenty of beer. We used data from the Protein Data Bank to build an illustration showing the battle between a tumour

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Animation, Chemistry, Physics

SPL’s clip of the week (Uranium decay chain)

Our visualisation of the complex decay chain of a uranium atom has just been chosen as Science Photo Library‘s clip of the week. U-238 is a radioactive element with 92 protons (red), indicated to the lower left of its chemical symbol, and 146 neutrons (yellow), giving it a total atomic mass of 238 (upper left

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Animation, Biology, Chemistry

Genetics animation clips

A series of genetics animations we produced for Science Photo Library, showing: (1) The transcription of DNA to mRNA, (2) Translation of mRNA to protein chains, (3) The mechanism of how smoking can alter DNA and prevent normal DNA function, (4) UV radiation damaging DNA structure, (5) Nuclear radiation causing a DNA mutation, (6) Polymerase

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Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Illustration

Illustration for Nottingham University; Darwinian selection of proteins

An illustration created for the O’Reilly Research Group at the Unviersity of Nottingham, to illustrate the concept of using Darwinian selection to find better proteins, by making many small tweaks to their structure and selecting ones that are most effective at each stage.  The image mimics the famous monkey-to-man depiction of evolution, but using secondary

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