Animation, Biology, Chemistry

Epigenetics animations for Windfall Films

Windfall Films is one of the leading producers of science & technology programmes, and their science documentaries consistently breathe life into potentially dry subjects. They hired us to produce  a series of animations to help explain the concept of Epigenetics, whereby chemical markers on DNA can switch genes on and off – and these markers

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Animation, Chemistry

2010 Nobel prize (Chemistry)

Sadly we didn’t win a Nobel Prize this year (fingers crossed for next year), but Heck, Negishi and Suzuki did, for “palladium-catalysed cross-couplings in organic synthesis”.  And we got to make animations showing off the Heck and Suzuki reactions for TV.  Which was some consolation to our bruised egos. Heck Reaction: Suzuki Reaction:  Both reactions use a palladium

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Animation, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering

Royal Society Summer Exhibition

We recently had two animations aired at the Royal Society’s Summer Exhibition. The Royal Society is the national academy of science of the UK, and this event allowed the general public to meet the minds behind some of the UK’s most exciting scientific advances.  We produced two videos for the University of Cambridge‘s Department of

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