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Jon Heras' Web page - Technical genius of the partnership

Ivan Vallejo - No web page yet, but the visionary may knock one up soon. Or maybe not

Who is Boba Fett? - Straight from the official money-making-behemoth-that-is-Star-Wars' website

Boba Fett fan club - Yes, some people really are this sad...

Boba Fett plays keyboards - Grand Moff Tarkin in rock shocker
    (read a review here)

The Campaign for a female Boba Fett - Hmm...Boba Fette perhaps

Polo saves man from drowning - Strange but (possibly) true

Simply Polos - Does exactly what it says on the tin

10ft Polo mint - Doctors praise life-saving polo mint

Acid Candy - Polos mixed with LSD? Surely not...