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The Premiere Night*

Bottom line

The Pre-premiere Party

Coincidentally, the night of the Premiere happened to also be Ivan's 21st Birthday.
Which was nice.


We laid on a veritable banquet of food and polos,
and a hand-crafted cake by the muncher herself, Catherine.


It's not minty, in case you were wondering


Burn Polo, burn!!! Boba would be proud


The Birthday boy himself




The Premiere


Mr Fett and his Polo co-stars arrive at the premiere in Churchill College in style

The mysterious Mr Fett greets his fans

The Polos steal the limelight by performing
their much-practiced disco dancing routine

"I taught him everything he knows" - Boba's daddy puts on his
special hat for the big event


Good Polo Hunting star Matt Damon remarks "I may be a genius, but I can't even shoot straight. I'm nothing compared to him"

Yes, I loved it. I can't wait for the sequel, The Rolos of Death.

Tyra Banks - "I've not been able to eat Polos since I heard about the project. Mind you, I never eat anything anyway"


"We are not worthy of his magnificence. Let's make him King of the World,
and join all nations unto each other in peace, united by the Bounty Hunter supreme"
- Proud Scottish dignitary, pro-Scottish activist and general Scottish bloke Sean Connery
makes a special trip from his Scottish home in the Bahamas
to attend. Hope you brought your thermals, Sean

Mr and Mrs Showbiz take a break from making
movies to get some tips from a pro.

Shannon Elizabeth (famous for getting her
kit off in American Mint Pie) poses with
some new friends in her fashionable new
outfit, available exclusively
from this website

The star's body guard keeps a look-out
for anti-polo activists

Sir Anthony Hopkins (or is it Richard Attenborough
- I always get them confused) is allowed out
of his padded cell to smell the minty air of freedom
for a short while

George "Errrr..." Clooney came along too,
even though he's dropped to B-list celebrity status.

Here we can see the real reason for Tom & Nicole's marriage break-up.
She may have arrived with Tom, but who did she leave with?
He's a bit of a smoothie, don't you know.




The Aftermath

Well, as Jimmy Saville would say "How's about that then?"
We never thought we'd be in for a prize let alone win.
Fifty quid and a cigar isn't bad for one night (and three months preparation)


* Photos may be entirely made up or digitally altered until they were unrecognisable.