About Us

Equinox Graphics is an animation and illustration studio based in Cambridge specialising in scientific visualisation.

All of our artists are Cambridge PhD graduates, with doctorates in science and engineering, so they are the best equipped to translate your technical project into a visually engaging form by removing the jargon barrier that you may have experienced when working with traditional animators. We will take your concepts and present them in a visually engaging and attractive way – while retaining scientific accuracy, and respecting your data.We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to delivering your creative vision.

We have a proven track record of communicating complex science concepts, drawing upon our academic knowledge, and developing custom tools for converting and displaying customer data in a more accessible form. We believe that the trust our clients put in us is important and deserving of great service. Having worked with respected names such as Airbus, Nature, the European Space Agency, the University of CambridgeAudi, and Bloodhound SSC.

With our employees’ background in academia we are as happy manipulating raw scientific data as we are producing ground-breaking visualisations. We can process and edit raw data, be it biological structures from X-ray crystallography, or voxel data, detailing the spread of dark matter through the galaxy. We will translate it into a clear, visual form – highlighting to a general audience what you yourselves know to be shown in the data. Our scientific training ensures a high degree of accuracy and conscience when manipulating data, preserving accuracy whilst delivering cinematic visuals.