Animation Process

Stage 1 – Briefing

This is the initial meeting where we listen to your ideas and the goals for the animation. We will discuss deadlines, budget, styles and overall feel of the piece.

Stage 2 – Scripting

After developing an idea for your animation we then progress to structuring the narrative. This can either be a story that you have created or we can help produce one for you. At this stage we also look at any data you have that may aid in the design of the animation. These can be anything from existing CAD models, SEM images or point clouds. We have perfected ways of utilising and incorporating an array of data into our previous work.


Stage 3 – Treatment & Storyboarding

Along with the scripting we will create a written treatment, which outlines the details of the animation including concept, style and running time.  At this time we’ll also begin producing storyboards, sketches and moodboards (collections of reference images to communicate concepts like target colours, textures of objects, and a selection of examples relevant to style or composition).  This is to give you the best possible idea of what your animation will look like and what it will include

This is a vital process as decisions at this stage will determine the overall design and production of the final piece.

Stage 4 – Voice Over

At this stage we will produce a temporary voice over if required. This will act as a placeholder to time the animation and can be replaced at any stage. We can produce final audio for you or replace it if you have sourced your own voiceover artist.

Stage 5 – Animatics & Style frames

Once all previous stages are completed we will begin work on the animatic. This is a rough version of your animation including limited movement, basic textures and temporary audio. Often animatics are a mix of static frames taken from the storyboard and test animation sequences. This is produced to provide an understanding of timings and look of the final piece and gives you another opportunity to change aspects ensuring the animation will match your vision.

We will also produce style frames which are full rendered stills taken from key scenes. This is to give you a feel for what the final product will look like as they are close to being final frames.

This stage is essential as this will mark the final chance for you to alter any aspect of the animation and ensure that there are no costly delays later in the process.

Stage 6 – Final render & Editing

Once given the go ahead from the previous stage we will commence to animating and rendering the final animation. This stage can vary in length depending on the length and complexity of the piece. The finished scenes are composited and edited with the voiceover, sound effects and subtitles if required.

Stage 7 – Sign Off

The final animated video is exported based on your technical requirements and delivered to you.