Our Work


We create high-quality, cinematic animations to bring your project to life.  We will help you translate complex technical ideas into communicable visuals.

Whether you need:

  • Explainer videos of your technology.
  • Company overview / promotional video.
  • Sales tools to help communicate the benefits of your product or service.
  • Videos for conference stands – standalone and eye-catching to engage potential customers.
  • Visualising data – we use our background in data processing to visualise raw data in intelligent ways.
  • Visualising product designs – we can open all common CAD formats, and make a product that doesn’t yet exist look real.  We also do camera tracking in-house, and can integrate digital elements into moving camera footage.

We typically work at HD or 4K, 25 fps and can supply voice-over, music, sound effects and subtitles as required.

We find that our work is particularly useful in visualising things that can’t be seen because they are either too small (genetics, quantum devices, cellular processes), too far away (space missions, exoplanets), or don’t exist yet (product designs, novel technology).  And we can communicate complex science in a manageable way, or interpret the key elements of your novel technology in a more conceptual way, for journal covers, brochures or lobby artwork.