Our Work


We have a particular passion for visualising synthetic biology and cellular machinery, bringing our unique cinematic style to highlight the wonders of genetics and cell biology.  It really does make the best images, and we find it fascinating.  We have worked on complex genetic scenes (transcription/translation, DNA replication, DNA computation), molecular complexes such as CRISPR-CAS9, haemoglobin, antibody/T-cell binding, and more macro scenes such as visualising neurons, water-borne parasites and tumours.

We typically ask sensible questions about your research, and translate this in to a visual scene that communicates the novel aspects of your work, or interpret it in a conceptual or artistic way for use on journal covers, for example.  We can either set scenes up as high resolution still renders, or rig them for animation.  There is some saving in doing both, as much of the work is similar.

Typically we work at 6000×4500 pixels for illustration, which will print at A1 at 180 dpi.  We can go higher resolution if desired.  Animations tend to be HD or 4K, 25 fps and we can supply voice-over, music, sound effects and subtitles as required.