Our services

Cinematic, high quality animations

  • HD (1920×1080) or UHD (4k) animation
  • We bring data and products to life.  Visualisation is perfect for things that can’t been seen
    (e.g. too small / too far away) or products that don’t yet exist except in CAD or sketches.
  • We create explainer videos of your cutting-edge technology for non-technical viewers,
    and company overview / promotional videos.
  • Our videos can be used as a sales tool to help explain the benefits of your product
    or service in a clear, visual way.
  • We also have experience producing videos for conference stands and outreach events
    – these are typically standalone, eye-catching, with subtitles, and designed to
    engage passing potential customers.
  • Typically we work from CAD files or raw/processed data and convert these into
    visual formats that can be explored.
  • We create photoreal renders, and can do camera tracking / matchmoving
    to integrate our graphics into existing photos or video.

Accurate, engaging illustrations

  • We create scientifically accurate visualisations and
    conceptual illustrations for engaging journal covers.
  • High quality artwork for promotional leaflets/booklets.
  • Large format (typically 8000×6000 pixels) suitable for
    posters and banners without loss of quality.

We create engaging and accurate science visualisations in HD/UHD, stereoscopic, and high resolution print.

Our work has been used to promote, to secure investment, and to engage the public, for companies in the space, engineering and biological research sectors, as well as being featured in academic journals and popular science magazines.

If you would like more information about our technical expertise, or if you have a project in mind that we can help you with, please do contact us to discuss the possibilities.