Bloodhound SSC in stereoscopic 3D (via Youtube)

Ok, so Youtube has a pretty nifty stereoscopic 3D encoding option, where you can upload left-eye and right-eye videos, and users can choose their viewing mode (e.g. red/cyan, amber/blue, etc.). We thought it would be fun to see how it coped with Bloodhound SSC in 3D. Pretty well as it turns out. It looks even more cool in 3D. You’ll probably need to click on the video until a Youtube window pops up, as you can only get the 3D controls on the Youtube page (not the embedded applet). If you have any problems, go to Equinox Graphics’ Youtube channel and it should definately work from there. We recommend using red/cyan glasses with the Dubois optimised colour, at least until Youtube adds support for shutter glasses! Hmm…. wonder if there might be some 3D Bloodhound in the pipeline then…..? 😉