Fractal science

Ok, not so much of the science in this post – but still very pretty.  Apophysis is a fractal flame generator, which essentially takes the usual Julia, Mandlebrot, etc. fractals, and puts them through a series of geometric transforms to create some interesting patters (for those of you obsessed with 3D: YES YOU CAN RENDER THEM IN STEREO!) So they’re based on science (maths), but Apophysis turns this into an artistic tool.  Bit hit and miss, as there will be very few people capable of understanding the maths to a high enough level to produce exactly the artistic image they have in mind.  For us cerebrally challenged mortals, there’s a randomiser, mutation selector and some tweaking.  Got patience?  Luck?  You’re in the right place. Here’s a mixture of the more “scientifically interpretable” images, and some arty ones.