Update to RemoveDEBRIS animation for Surrey Space Centre

We updated the animation for Surrey Space Centre to show the launch and deployment sections, featuring a SpaceX Falcon9/Dragon capsule, and deployment from the International Space Station, via the Japanese module. The satellite is currently built and awaiting launch. It puts into context the issue of space junk, and shows how Surrey Space Centre, in collaboration with others in the space sector, are building missions to test and refine methods for removing and reducing space debris. The official spiel: “Since the beginning of the space age, over 7,000 tonnes of space junk has been generated – mostly empty rocket casings and dead satellites. Most of the objects launched into space are still orbiting the Earth, threatening collisions with active satellites. Our exhibit invites you to explore our flagship RemoveDEBRIS mission, which aims to be the first to test capture technologies that drag space junk back into the Earth’s atmosphere to burn up.”