Our Work

Space Tech

Equinox have ten years experience working on space graphics and animations, and have worked for Airbus D&S, ESA, UK Space Agency, NASA, SSTL, Surrey Space Centre, and others.

Because of our experience and knowledge from previous projects, we get details correct (i.e. understanding of orbits, operation of instruments, manoeuvring, etc.)  This saves valuable time and money, ensuring we complete projects on time and on budget.

We aim for a balance between absolute accuracy and and artistic cinematic quality, which we find is appreciated by engineers and the public alike.  We don’t make silly mistakes, and those times when we need to simplify science or engineering, it is to aid with clarity of communication.

We serve to educate and to engage, while staying true to the science. We are experienced in tackling large complex projects, and are comfortable talking to engineers about their technical work, asking informed questions based on our knowledge and experience. We always strive to improve the quality of our work and achieve a truly cinematic result.

Typically we need CAD files (under NDA) of your satellite design.  If this is incomplete, or if you are focusing on a specific instrument, we can fill in the gaps and construct the complete satellite.  We have visualised complex orbital manoeuvres (docking, capture, walking safety ellipse), and are quite adept at telling the story of a space mission step-by-step, which making it look photorealistic.

We generally work at 6000×4500 pixels for illustration, which will print at A1 at 180 dpi.  We can go higher resolution if desired.  Animations tend to be HD or 4K, 25 fps and we can supply voice-over, music, sound effects and subtitles as required.